About Us


Bridging possibilities for a better world

Altha Consulting was Founded in 2017. Our founders perceived the increasing need for companies in advisory services for business and technology sector, which then came across to their desires and curiosities on how to contribute to the Indonesian economy.

Since its inception, Altha has been thriving as an advisory expert in business, risk, technology, and people management. The insights and quality services that we deliver help building trust and confidence in the regional business management and strategic advisory role.

We develop outstanding leaders and team to deliver on our promises to all of our stakeholders. In doing so, we play a critical role in bridging possible solutions for our people and clients, as well as in larger scale, engendering a smarter way to build a better world.


Committed ToPurpose

Constantly focusing on the limitations, instead of all the possibilities, is how businesses become stuck in their stagnant performances. It only serves to recreate the same old reality from day today. And soon the days turn into years and lifetimes. At Altha, we embrace wonder and curiosity to discover opportunities where others see impossibility. We are passionately committed to nurturing a growth mindset in every single case we engage with and, foremostly, every single talent we work with.

Our purposes are demonstrated in three directions:

  1. Collaborate with our clients in wisely disrupting the way things are done to leverage all opportunities that have the highest lasting impact
  2. Collaborate with our partners in harnessing new possibility that enables a better transformative change to our communities
  3. Collaborate with our people in building an inclusive and constructive working environment that empowers others to achieve their dreams

At Altha, we’re never done growing. If one has an insatiable thirst to continue growing and improving, then there will be much less likely to fail. Why be content with the plateau when the climb is so much more exhilarating? Should one find it as an impossibility, then we are purposely here to bridge the possibility.

Our Valuesdefine who we are

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We bring high quality services with industry-leading standards

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We bring solutions tailored to your business focus

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We bring the human touch for our advisory solution

Our clients are the main reason we exist. We aim to exceed their needs to make them successful and experience transformative growth that enables long-term value. With a wide range of services unrestrained by independence conflicts and supported by experts with credentials from industry-leading firms, we thrive to anticipate their needs as well as introduce business solutions and digital innovations with a strong base of analysis in a high-quality service.

We differentiate ourselves through the higher customer benefits of our services where added value for our clients is the measure of our success.